Monday, February 1, 2010

She Blames It On The Heroin - My Poetry

Theres blood in the sink, Needles on the ground

Heroin in his arm, and he's know longer strong

He's knees are weak and he cant lift up

The tears start pouring, he's about to give up

Opens his eyes realizing what he's done

23 years old with his whole life to come

So he picks up the gun but thinks about his son

still emptys the clip and now he's leaving everyone

He's son find's him so his son starts crying

Mother comes in and she starts dying

Beating on his chest yelling "Dear God, Why Him?"

"Take Me Instead Dont Do This Again!"

Cause she lost two sons in this tragic place

And she blames it on the heroin for taking them away...
Writting By Dustin Jackson

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  1. Heyyyy dustin come down too our poetry night again we need u on stage lol plus we are in the process of gettin sponserd by Def Jam...soooo if your smart u will come say some poems...
    but text me i lost your number punk lol

    Sammy Wilson :-)