Sunday, July 18, 2010

Open Mic Nights


Da Poetry Lounge - 9pm - Every Tuesday - Location: The Greenway Court Theatre, 544 N Fairfax Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


A Mic and Dim Lights - 9pm - Every Thursday - Location: Cal Poly Downtown Arts Theater, 300 W. 2nd Street, 91766, Pomona, CA


Urbane Culture - 9:30pm - Every 1st and 3rd Monday - Location: D Gallery, 223 W. Emporia Ontario, Ca 91762


Elevated - 8pm - Every Thursday - Location: The Arts & Entertainment Center, 3026 University Avenue, San Diego, CA


We The People - 7pm - Every Sunday - Location: 3648 Nogales St. West Covina, CA


Spoken Funk - 8:30pm - Every Thursday - Location: The Comedy Union, 5040 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90019


Turn That Mic Up - 9pm - Every 1st and 3rd Friday - Location: IVRS Mystic Coffee, 934 N. Mountain Ave, Upland, CA, 91786


Our Poetic Souls - 2:00pm - Every 2nd and 4th Sunday - Location: Home Brew Coffee Company, 661 West Arrow Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773


Back to the Grind - 9pm - Every Monday - Location: 3575 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501


PhAz 3 Lounge - 9pm - Last Friday of the month - Location: St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church, 1720 N. Walnut Ave. La Puente, CA


Folk Music Center - 6pm - Fourth Sunday of each month - Location: 220 Yale Ave., Claremont, CA


The LA Showcase - 8pm - Every Friday - Location: The Sharon Lounge, 5533 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90062


Monday, February 1, 2010

She Blames It On The Heroin - My Poetry

Theres blood in the sink, Needles on the ground

Heroin in his arm, and he's know longer strong

He's knees are weak and he cant lift up

The tears start pouring, he's about to give up

Opens his eyes realizing what he's done

23 years old with his whole life to come

So he picks up the gun but thinks about his son

still emptys the clip and now he's leaving everyone

He's son find's him so his son starts crying

Mother comes in and she starts dying

Beating on his chest yelling "Dear God, Why Him?"

"Take Me Instead Dont Do This Again!"

Cause she lost two sons in this tragic place

And she blames it on the heroin for taking them away...
Writting By Dustin Jackson

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tryin To Stay Strong

No matter what situation i am in it always seem to go in a direction that never ends up good. All my life i have felt like this world wasnt for me, but yet i never let things or anyone get the best of me. I wont give them the satisfaction of seeing me on the ground begging for help, thats one of my worst nightmares. But Lately I have been on the ground I never thought i would see my self in this position that I am in today. Having no place I can call home anymore, Sleeping on couch, having bills I cant pay, and living off of food stamps. Feeling so ashamed of my self but yet i smile like nothings wrong, still giving but having nothing to give, still standing but having no support. I am tired of looking at people smile without anything to worry about in life. I am tired of looking back on my childhood and praying, hoping god can make me a bird so i can fly far far away from here. I still try to better myself and keep moving, but whatever this is thats stopping me seems to get stronger as do I. Living this life that I am living I feel what other people are going threw and I know I am not alone here, But I do have people that love me and help me without me asking knowing that I have way too much pride in my heart to ask myself. But Its my choices and my mistakes. I will be better I promise myself after every bad decision I seem to make. And about this thing thats going on with me and my mother I admit I did make a mistake of leaving her with a last impression of me being just like her. Saying things I didnt mean showing her im just a perfect image of her in every shape and form. Everytime I think back on something i have said that I didnt mean I Feel so pathetic at myself that I can get so low. Hurting people I never thought I would ever hurt. It hurts me to give people a taste of how my mother would use her words against me and break me down literally. If I noticed I did the same things as my mother along time ago I would have never used words to break down anybody or hurt anybody. Its Just something I have to work on....